I warmly welcome all the visitors to my nature photography gallery.

Who am I

My name is Łukasz Ziewacz and, like many of you, I am passionate about wildlife.

My journey

I became interested in animal photography when I was about 11-12 years old, when my dad brought a digital camera from work for the first time.
It allowed me to record small animals in the backyard. This hobby lasted several years and then the time has came to catch more difficult species such as
birds, insects. It was back then a period of struggle with an analogue camera and manual lenses.
For me it was the real school of photography.
Thanks to such lessons and my determination with what I wanted to get from pictures, after some time a digital SLR camera with various cheap lenses appeared in my hands.
It was the breakthrough. It was the major challenge, it was the dream of equipment, it was the dream of a photo…

About 2007 my hobby has turned into a passion, which I still pursue with great joy. Time spent with the wild nature allows me to
relax, slow down for a while and to see the tiniest details existing in nature, such as the world reflected in a single drop of morning dew.

The most valuable shots for me are those in which something is happening. Some kind of dynamic or a situation that I can’t notice with my bare eye
because it is happening too fast or it is just simply too far from me. The camera allows me to capture fascinating moments of unusual colours painted with a light.
The nature shown in my frames is completely natural, without any corrections, without photomontage or removing an inconvenient elements.

To do the best photo it is necessary to acquire a great deal of knowledge about the species, their behaviour, environment and activity.
It is also very important to spend many hours in the wilderness for the observations. Sometimes there are many difficult conditions, such as deep mud
through which I move with a snail speed carrying my gear, or waiting many hours in a blind prepared by myself in temperature below zero.

Perseverance sometimes rewards me with the opportunity to photograph my dream subject, accompanied with a smile on my face and hands shaking with excitement.
Thanks to these sacrifices I achieved many successes, such as individual or group exhibitions and publication of photographs in books or magazines.

I hope that the photos selected by me from bloodless hunting I have been to so far, will arouse in you many pleasant impressions and awake your sensitivity for the beauty of nature.

Łukasz Ziewacz